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Providing Assistance With Filing Your Taxes

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Dear Friends, With COVID-19 having added newfound confusion and difficulties to overcome in nearly all facets of life, I know that many of you have questions about how to file your taxes this year and how to claim the Recovery Rebate Credit. To make the process more straightforward and less challenging, my office has prepared answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on how to pay yo... Read more »

Answering Your Questions On Small Business Relief

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Dear Friends, COVID-19 remains a threat to the safety and wellbeing of our communities. While I am working hard with my colleagues to pass another round of relief – including additional survival checks, extending and increasing unemployment, providing support to small business and funding our state and local governments, I wanted to share some key information on how to access some of the programs ... Read more »

Swearing In A New President

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Dear Friends, I hope this newsletter finds you healthy and well. Much has happened over the past few weeks, including the inauguration of a new President. It’s been a busy time for me too—I have been hard at work since the 117th Congress was sworn in. Keep reading to learn more about what I have accomplished and what I hope to get done in the weeks ahead. Working in Washington on behalf of my con... Read more »

Providing COVID19 Relief to Americans in Need

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Dear Friends, A few weeks ago, I voted in support of the Coronavirus relief package, which the President signed into law. As millions of Americans faced the end of their unemployment benefits or struggle to keep their small business open, we needed to stop the stalemate and do something. This package is not nearly enough, and we will keep fighting to get funding for state and local governments, f... Read more »

Repairing America’s Broken Cannabis Laws with the MORE Act

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Dear Friends, The House passed the MORE Act by a vote of 228 to 164. Repairing America’s Broken Cannabis Laws with the MORE Act For the minority communities that have borne the heaviest cost of the war on Cannabis, our justice system has been anything but just. Not only have Black and Brown Americans been arrested at higher rates and sentenced to longer sentences than their White counterparts, th... Read more »

Passing the Updated Heroes Act

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Dear Friends, Working in Washington to advance key Heroes Act priorities As our country continues to weather the COVID19 crisis, families across America are struggling to make ends meet—delivering federal support so that rent checks can be paid and food put on the table has never been more important. Unfortunately, while House Democrats first passed the Heroes Act on May 15th, the Republican-cont... Read more »

Passing the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

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Dear Friends, For as long as women have been in the workforce, they have been forced to decide between the health of their pregnancy and staying on the job. Pregnant workers are often asked to take on workplace responsibilities that place their safety and the safety of their pregnancy in danger—lifting heavy loads, working extended hours, being exposed to toxic chemicals and substances—and lack th... Read more »

Demanding an Investigation Into Horrifying Reports of ICE's Inhumane Treatment of Immigrants

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Dear Friends, This week, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Inspector General received a horrifying whistleblower complaint about cruel and inhumane treatment of immigrants detained at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Irwin County Detention Center in Georgia. The report outlined multiple abuses of immigration women, including mass hysterectomies seemingly performed without the ... Read more »

Bringing Attorney General Barr Before the House Judiciary Committee

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Dear Friends, This past week—which included two significant House Judiciary hearings and House Democrats efforts to advance a new federal relief package to help those impacted by COVID-19—was an especially active one. Read more about what happened this week and what I hope to accomplish in weeks to come. Congressman Nadler questioning Attorney General William Barr Bringing Attorney General Barr B... Read more »

Advancing Judiciary Committee Priorities

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Dear Friends, The House Judiciary Committee has been working tirelessly over the past several weeks, passing numerous bills through the House and marking up others that continue our commitment to defending the Constitution, American values, and the rule of law. Read more about our recent legislative accomplishments and our coming priorities. Passing the NO BAN Act Rep. Nadler speaking in support ... Read more »

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