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NEW YORK, NY - Today, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (NY-12) issued the following statement in response to reports that Governor Kathy Hochul will delay the  implementation of Congestion Pricing:

“As a longtime champion of Congestion Pricing and the Congressional Representative of a significant portion of the Central Business District (CBD), I am disappointed by reports that Governor Hochul will not implement Congestion Pricing on June 30, as previously planned. After years of delays, we need congestion pricing now more than ever to reduce paralyzing vehicle traffic in the CBD, improve air quality in our city and region, and raise desperately needed capital funds to enhance the public transit system that millions depend on.

The facts about Congestion Pricing are clear: 85% of commuters use transit to travel to the CBD, while only 8% of commuters from New Jersey and 3% of New Yorkers drive in. Over 1.3 million people rely on transit daily to enter the CBD for work, compared to 143,000 drivers. It’s evident that congestion pricing will significantly benefit the vast majority of commuters who rely on the MTA, rather than a small, vocal minority of drivers who don’t qualify for exemptions or discounts.

Congestion pricing is crucial for delivering the capital improvements necessary to make the MTA more reliable. This includes ADA accessibility throughout the system, upgraded signal systems, Phase 2 of the Second Avenue Subway, infrastructure upgrades, and much more. It's estimated that Congestion Pricing will generate $15 billion for the MTA’s 2020-2024 Capital Program. Without congestion pricing or a similar funding source, the MTA will be forced to make systemwide cuts, including $10 billion in critical subway and bus projects in New York City, $800 million in critical cuts to Metro-North, and nearly $1 billion in cuts to the Long Island Railroad.

It is important to note that congestion pricing distributes the cost of these upgrades among all those traveling into the CBD. Any alternative revenue stream would place the financial burden directly on New York City’s economy.

We cannot allow a vocal minority of drivers who don’t qualify for exemptions or discounts to dictate our policy decisions. The MTA is the lifeline of the New York City Metropolitan Area, and congestion pricing is the best solution to getting our transit system back on track.”



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