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Congressman Nadler Statement on President Trump’s Jerusalem Announcement

Today, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), who represents parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn, released the following statement regarding President Trump’s Jerusalem announcement:

“I have long recognized Jerusalem as the historic capital of Israel, and have called for the eventual relocation of the United States Embassy to Jerusalem, the seat of the Israeli government. While President Trump’s announcement earlier today rightly acknowledged the unique attachment of the Jewish people to Jerusalem, the timing and circumstances surrounding this decision are deeply worrying. This Administration has carelessly risked inflaming tensions in the region, as well as placing U.S. diplomatic and military personnel in harm’s way. Like so much of the President’s foreign policymaking, this hasty announcement was a media ploy devoid of substance and without concern for American, Israeli, or international security interests.

“The focus of U.S. energy in the region needs to be a return to the pursuit of a two state solution with direct, bilateral negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians. Of course, in any negotiated settlement, Jerusalem must remain the capital of the State of Israel. Today’s decision by President Trump, however, does not advance the prospect for peace in any way. Instead, it is likely to bring us further away from achieving a settlement that all sides can embrace.”


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