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Congressman Nadler Statement on the Proposed P5+1 Nuclear Agreement with Iran

Washington, DC, July 14, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Today, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (NY-10) released the following statement regarding to the proposed P5+1 nuclear agreement with Iran and the need to fully and critically evaluate the details of the agreement’s effectiveness and enforceability in order to prevent a nuclear Iran:

“Following the P5+1 agreement with Iran on its nuclear program, it is imperative that we use the period of Congressional review to examine its details, terms, and consequences.  It will be crucial that we understand the full ramifications of the proposed agreement: with primary concern for the immediate and long-term security of the United States, of Israel, and of our other allies in the region; and of the likely effectiveness and enforceability of the agreement in preventing the Iranian regime from obtaining nuclear weapons.  I look forward to evaluating the agreement in comparison to the other available alternatives for preventing a nuclear Iran.  We must reserve full judgment until there is time to apply a critical eye and a clear head in assessing this agreement. 

“This agreement has no influence on the other serious issues that remain with the Iranian regime and its behavior.  Iran continues to be a destabilizing and destructive force in the region and around the world.  I have strongly spoken out against the Iranian regime in the past, condemning its hateful rhetoric and policies towards the United States and Israel, and have regularly supported the tightening of sanctions to isolate Iran and restrict its influence in the region.  As we examine the P5+1 agreement, it will be important that this distinction remains clear -- we are not dealing with a friend and we must not waiver in our commitment to supporting our allies and continuing to counter Iran’s support for terrorist groups.”

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