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House Judiciary Chairman Nadler & Lead Impeachment Manager Raskin Announce New Counsels & Senior Staff to Support Senate Impeachment Trial

Washington, D.C. – Today, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) and Lead Impeachment Manager Jamie Raskin (D-MD) announced that Barry H. Berke, Esq. and Joshua Matz, Esq. have been retained on a consulting basis as counsels to the Majority Staff, to support the Committee’s Oversight Counsel team on matters related to the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Barry Berke joins the House Judiciary Committee as Chief Impeachment Counsel. Barry Berke is a nationally prominent expert on federal criminal law, including public corruption, and is recognized as one of the leading trial lawyers in the country. Joshua Matz will serve as Impeachment Counsel. Joshua Matz is a leading constitutional scholar who has written extensively about impeachment and whose practice includes civil rights, commercial, and Supreme Court and appellate litigation. Barry and Joshua both served among counsel to the House Managers during the first impeachment of President Trump. They join a veteran team of senior staff that includes:

  • Krista Boyd, House Committee on Oversight and Reform
  • Susanne Sachsman Grooms, House Committee on Oversight and Reform
  • Arya Hariharan, House Committee on the Judiciary
  • Aaron Hiller, House Committee on the Judiciary
  • Candyce Phoenix, House Committee on Oversight and Reform
  • Amy Rutkin, House Committee on the Judiciary
  • Julie Tagen, Office of Lead Manager Jamie Raskin

“President Trump has abused his power time and time again. He’s corrupt and a complete threat to our system of government, our freedoms and our democracy,” said Chairman Nadler. “I am proud to welcome back Barry Berke and Joshua Matz to the House Judiciary Committee staff to join our counsels as they gear up for President Trump’s impeachment trial. Our counsels are some of the brightest legal minds in this country who will work to help ensure a conviction in the Senate. Speaker Pelosi has made an excellent choice for the team of Managers for the second impeachment trial of President Trump. I look forward to working closely with this team as they present the article of impeachment to the Senate.”

“Our democracy continues to face clear and present danger from the violent insurrectionist mob summoned, assembled and blessed by President Donald Trump,” said Lead Impeachment Manager Jamie Raskin. “As we work to secure the Nation’s Capital and defend our institutions against violent mob rule in the days ahead, I want to salute the great lawyers and public servants who have rallied to the task of preparing with the impeachment managers for perhaps the most important trial of American history. Our Team is profoundly grateful for their exemplary professional service. In addition to the remarkable staff we have drawn from the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees, we have added two eminent and surpassingly effective lawyers, Barry Berke and Joshua Matz, to bolster our prosecution team as we assemble the facts and articulate the law to secure conviction of the President.”
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