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Nadler Applauds Agreement Between Port Authority and American Stevedoring

New York, NY, August 8, 2004
Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) today hailed the agreement between the Port Authority and American Stevedoring Inc. providing for a three-year lease renewal for American Stevedoring’s shipping operations on Red Hook piers 8, 9, and 10 in Brooklyn. Nadler, who had called on the Port Authority to extend the lease, hailed the agreement as a positive step to ensure that maritime jobs are retained in Brooklyn.

"I am pleased that the Port Authority now agrees that American Stevedoring can continue to play a positive role in our local economy," said Nadler. "We must continue to have a working port in Brooklyn. This agreement epitomizes the success that can occur when the Port Authority, the City and private businesses work together."

Nadler, an advocate for the redevelopment of the Port of New York and the restoration of the region’s freight transportation system for more than twenty years, believes it is imperative to the economic vitality of the City and region that the Port of New York & New Jersey retain its position of dominance on the eastern seaboard of the United States, and that Brooklyn must be a part of that port. Red Hook is the only remaining port facility on the eastern side of the Hudson River.

"This agreement means that Red Hook can have both a cruise terminal and a container port. It is my hope that the renewal of the lease signals the start of a commitment by the Port Authority and the City to a long-term future for maritime operations in Brooklyn, and, eventually, to the establishment of a much larger deep-water container port in Brooklyn," said Nadler.

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