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Today, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (NY-12), Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee, issued the following statement on inviting Nancy Davis, a vocal advocate for abortion access to be his guest for President Joe Biden’s 2024 State of the Union Address.

“With reproductive rights under attack across our country, it is incumbent on our elected officials to elevate the real-life impacts of Republican efforts to advance a nationwide abortion ban," said Congressman Nadler. "It is my honor to welcome Nancy Davis to the Capitol to hear firsthand President Biden’s plan to defend reproductive freedom in America. Nancy’s story is all too common following the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, which upended over 50 years of the right to abortion. After Nancy, a mother of 3, learned that her fetus had developed without a skull, she and her husband made the deeply personal and challenging decision to terminate her unviable pregnancy. However, she was unable to find a provider in her home state of Louisiana willing to provide care and had to seek refuge nearly 1,500 miles away for the procedure.  Now, she has turned her heart-wrenching experience into a determination to advocate for reproductive justice, especially in states where access to reproductive services are restricted”

“I am grateful to Congressman Nadler for personally inviting me as his guest to the State of the Union!” said Nancy Davis. “In attending the State of the Union, I aim to highlight the urgent need for comprehensive reproductive healthcare, equitable access to resources, and the elimination of discriminatory practices. I am honored to represent the voices of those who have faced challenges in accessing essential healthcare and have been denied their reproductive rights. Attending the State of the Union allows us to elevate these crucial issues on a national platform and push for meaningful change.”

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