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Rep. Nadler Statement on Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Communications with Russian Officials

Today, Congressman Jerrold Nadler released the following statement regarding the revelations that Attorney General Jeff Sessions met with Russian officials despite testifying to the Senate that he had not:

"While it now goes without saying that Jeff Sessions must recuse himself from any investigation into Russia interference in the recent election, I also believe that, for the good of the country, he cannot serve any longer as Attorney General. He must resign. Because he is a potential subject of such investigations, and because he, at a minimum, misled the Senate not once, but twice, he has destroyed his ability to serve in the top law enforcement job in the country. He is unfit for the office.

"I, along with my Judiciary Committee colleagues, have today called for an immediate investigation into Attorney General Sessions possible commission of perjury in his Senate testimony. But whether he is ultimately found guilty of perjury or not, his behavior clearly renders him unable to conduct the duties of the office.  The continued service of a tainted Attorney General would fundamentally undermine our democracy and the rule of law.   

"We must not forget that what we are talking about here is no small thing -- the underlying issue is whether anyone currently serving in high public office colluded with a dangerous foreign power to subvert our democratic electoral process. This is, without question, a very serious matter of national security.  There are a huge number of questions swirling around this that must be answered, including what role the man who is currently serving as our Attorney General had in any of this.  Any criminal wrongdoing must be investigated by a special prosecutor, and the whole matter must be subject to an untainted, independent, bi-partisan investigation.

"Just two days ago, my "Resolution of Inquiry" was defeated in the House Judiciary Committee because not a single Republican on the committee was willing to make a simple request for information to the Department of Justice on these matters. I'm wondering how they are feeling about their votes now.  Any investigation that gives a numerical majority to one party over another simply won't work.  It must be a fully bi-partisan effort, and the public should be able to see as much of it as possible."


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