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Congressman Nadler Visits NYC Planned Parenthood Health Center Following New Subpoenas From Select Panel Attacking Women’s Health

Washington, DC, March 31, 2016
Rep. Nadler met with providers, staff, and administration officials during his visit to the Manhattan Planned Parenthood health center, to see firsthand the real impact of the Republican Select Panel’s witch hunt.

New York, NY -- Yesterday, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (NY-10), senior Member of the House Judiciary Committee, visited a local Planned Parenthood health center in the wake of twelve new subpoenas issued by the Republicans’ Select Panel set up to attack women’s health.  As one of the six Democratic Members nominated to serve on the Select Panel, Congressman Nadler—whose district covers parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn—met with Planned Parenthood of New York City (PPNYC) service providers, administrators, and patients during his tour of the health center on Bleecker Street.

“For months now, we have been raising the alarm that the Select Panel’s investigation is no more than a witch hunt designed to intimidate abortion providers and stop women and men from accessing the health care they need,” said Congressman Nadler.  “After learning of the majority’s decision to issue additional subpoenas, I was proud to visit PPNYC’s Manhattan health center and see firsthand how PPNYC is continuing to provide compassionate, comprehensive care to every patient who comes through their door.  The dedication of the center’s staff is inspiring, especially after hearing how—even in a city and state like New York—the work of the Select Panel impacts patients as anti-choice protestors use increasingly aggressive tactics to block women from accessing care and to spread lies about the work of Planned Parenthood.” 

“Though deeply disturbing to hear about the on-the-ground effects of these subpoenas, I cannot say I’m surprised.  The Select Panel’s unilateral subpoenas, demanding names and identifying information of providers, patients, students, and researchers, makes it clear that these same tactics of intimidation, harassment, and misinformation are coming from the highest levels of Congress.  The providers, staff, and administration of this clinic are tireless advocates for women’s health, and New Yorkers are lucky to have access to such top-notch care. That is why I again urge my Republican colleagues to end this witch hunt and stop the needless harassment.”

Christina Chang, Vice President for Public Affairs at PPNYC:  “PPNYC was thrilled to host Representative Nadler at our health center in Manhattan yesterday so he could see firsthand the expert and high-quality sexual and reproductive health care we provide our patients every day. The relentless attacks on Planned Parenthood by politicians in Washington have real life consequences on New Yorkers and patients around the country. They've resulted in impeded access to health care, patients being bullied and intimidated, and people nationwide being misled about our services. But as Representative Nadler saw, Planned Parenthood’s doors are open and will stay open for the more than 53,000 patients we see each year, no matter what.”

Dana Singiser, Vice President of Public Policy for Planned Parenthood Federation of America:  “Our health care providers provide high quality, compassionate care to thousands in New York City and millions across this country every year. Lawmakers like Rep. Nadler who are champions for women's health every day in Congress understand the important role Planned Parenthood plays in their community and also understand that witch hunt style attacks like those by the Select Panel harm women, men and young people. Despite the attacks on our ability to provide care—including safe, legal abortion—by extreme politicians at the state and federal level, our doors stay open. No matter what.”


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