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Congressman Nadler Blasts Republican Legislation Making it Nearly Impossible for Women to Exercise their Constitutional Rights

Today, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Senior Member of the House Judiciary Committee and Member of the Republican’s former Select Panel targeting Planned Parenthood, spoke on the House floor against H.R.7, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.

Below is a full copy, as prepared, of Rep. Nadler’s remarks:

"Madam speaker, there is obviously a difference of opinion in this country on the morality of abortion. I am appalled by the moral arrogance of the Republicans who would use political power to impose their views on the millions of women who disagree with them and want to make their own decisions.

"Though the Supreme Court has determined that neither Congress nor a state may place an undue burden on a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy, the Hyde Amendment makes abortion access virtually impossible for low-income women.

"As unjust and despicable as the Hyde Amendment is, this bill goes beyond it. For the first time, Republicans are attempting to restrict the right of women to use their own money to pay for abortions by denying normal tax deductions from medical expenses if those medical expenses include an abortion, by denying normal tax credits for health insurance if that insurance covers abortion, and by denying use of tax-free money from an FSA or HSA for an abortion.

"The intent of this bill is obvious: to end insurance coverage for all abortions, thereby making it nearly impossible for women to exercise their constitutional rights. Republicans should pay heed to the millions of women who marched to protect their rights this weekend, and are watching how we vote today.

"Thank you, and I yield back."


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