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Congressman Nadler Statement on Support for Omnibus Bill to Fund the Government Through FY2017

Washington, DC, May 3, 2017

Today, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), released the following statement in support of the FY2017 Omnibus funding bill:

“Today, I voted in support of the Fiscal Year 2017 Omnibus, which reflects Democratic priorities and provides vital funding for critical programs. Despite their best efforts, Congressional Republicans and the Trump Administration did not succeed in gutting funding for the programs I, and my constituents, hold dear, nor did they succeed in adding several poison pills or money for an absurd border wall.

“This measure contains several provisions that are particularly important for New York. The bill provides a $21 million funding increase for the Housing Opportunities for Persons Living with AIDS (HOPWA), which I requested to ensure New York does not lose funding under the new formula enacted this year. It includes $68 million to reimburse New York for the costs of securing Trump Tower and protecting the First Lady. And it does not include any provisions cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood or Sanctuary Cities, nor does it undermine the Affordable Care Act. 

“I am pleased the bill includes funding for the Iron Dome weapons system to defend Israel from short-range missile attacks. We must do everything we can to maintain Israel's qualitative military superiority over any potential combination of state and non-state aggressors. The Iron Dome antimissile system is another step in maintaining Israel's military superiority and in protecting Israel's citizens against unprovoked aggression.

“In addition, the bill funds nearly all Democratic priorities, including:

  • Maintaining funding for NEA, NEH, and Corporation for Public Broadcasting despite the Trump Administration’s efforts to gut all arts and humanities funding
  • Restoring year-round Pell Grants for hard-working students
  • Fulfilling our funding obligations for transportation and infrastructure, including $500 million for TIGER grants and the preservation of funding for transit new starts
  • Increasing NIH funding by $2 billion rather than stripping billions from biomedical research
  • Preserving 99 percent of EPA’s budget in the face of strong Republican opposition

“The bill is not perfect. I am concerned that this omnibus increases defense spending without a matching increase in non-defense discretionary spending. As we look towards Fiscal Year 2018, Democrats should insist that any increase in funding maintains parity between defense and non-defense spending.

“We must now prepare ourselves to fight for these programs again in Fiscal Year 2018, and I look forward to working with my colleagues to ensure that our next spending bill reflects our values just as this one does.”


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