Rep. Nadler Helps to Open Lower Manhattan Business Recovery Center

Jan 23, 2002 Issues: 9/11 Attacks

NEW YORK – Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) today joined with Gov. George Pataki, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Speaker Sheldon Silver at the grand opening of the Lower Manhattan Business Recovery Center at 2 Rector Street.  The center will largely be responsible for distribution of economic aid to businesses who suffered economic loss due to the 9/11 attacks.  His comments are below:

“I am pleased to be here today with the Governor, the Mayor, and the Speaker, as this City takes a great step forward in recovering and rebuilding.

In this space, those entrepreneurs who suffered economic loss as a result of the 9/11 attacks on this nation will be able to come and receive the financial help that they need.  And the vitality of downtown New York will return – better than ever – because of the financial aid this center will distribute.

I was proud to have led the fight in Congress to get this much needed money for Lower Manhattan -- especially its small businesses -- but I stand here today to say what we were given was only a start.  It was not enough.  Immediately following this event, I will return to Washington, to begin our new legislative year, ready to fight tooth and nail to help ensure that New York’s small businesses, residents, arts, non-profits and workers receive every dollar they need for their recovery.

In the end, ensuring that New York is able to properly rebuild itself into the greatest city in the world is one of the most important ways to show those who attacked us that we will never be defeated.”