Nadler Statement on Terrorism in the Middle East

Aug 20, 2003

NEW YORK, NY-- In the wake of the recent terrorist bombing in Jerusalem, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) made the following statement:

"The tragic bombing in Jerusalem, resulting in the heartbreaking loss of life, is due to the continued coordinated efforts of Palestinian terrorist organizations to kill any and all Israelis. The attack was a grim reminder that we are a long way from lasting peace in the Middle East. Indeed, we have suffered a major setback in accomplishing the goals that were set forth early this summer.

"Five Americans were killed in this attack. When Americans are killed, America reacts. How many more lives must be lost before the Palestinian Authority stops the violence once and for all?

"The recent terrorist attack in Jerusalem shows the urgency in completely dismantling terrorist organizations that thwart peace in the Middle East. The Palestinian Prime Minister must immediately declare war on terrorism and call for widespread action to identify and arrest terrorists, confiscate weapons, and take all necessary measures to ensure that the Palestinian terrorist infrastructure is permanently dismantled.

"It is time for the Bush Administration to declare that there will be no Palestinian state if there is no end to terrorism. The United States must also end relations with nations that harbor and provide funding to terrorists. Such nations, such as Saudi Arabia, continue to enjoy relationships with the United States that are neither rightful nor deserved.

"We cannot allow more children to be killed before tough decisions are made to accomplish lasting peace in the Middle East. The Bush Administration must demand that the Palestinian Authority lives up to its promises to stop the violence against innocent Israelis."