Nadler Comments on 9/11 Congressional Report

Jul 23, 2003

Washington, D.C. - Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) today made the following statement upon release of a congressional report on the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001:

"Today, a joint panel of House and Senate intelligence committees issued a report on intelligence failures prior to September 11th.

"It is unfortunate that much of the information is still being withheld by the Bush Administration, information that the American public is entitled to know. What we do know is that thousands of lives might have been saved and the twin towers of the World Trade Center could still be standing, had the CIA and FBI worked more cooperatively and aggressively to investigate intelligence information that was available to them.

"I am particularly troubled by a chapter contained in the report that is said to be heavily edited by the Bush Administration. Evidently, this chapter reveals important details about Saudi Arabia's role in the attacks of September 11th.

"If we are to know how we can prevent future terrorist attacks, we have to know how we could have better analyzed intelligence information prior to September 11th. By hiding the truth, the Bush Administration is failing to protect the American people.

"We deserve some answers. And it appears that this Administration is doing all it can to deny us this right. I am fearful that the secrecy surrounding this report is indicative of an administration that will continue to hide the truth from us.

"We've heard from the 9/11 Commission that its investigation is not going as well as it should, because the Bush Administration continues to use intimidation tactics to undermine the goals of the commission. The holes in the congressional report demonstrates a pattern of secrecy and deception.

"I urge the 9/11 Commission to move forward in their mission. We cannot allow this administration to deny us the right to find out the truth."