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Rep. Nadler Announces National Science Foundation Grants Awarded to New York University

New York City - Today, Congressman Jerrold Nadler announced that the National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded New York University (NYU) four grants totaling nearly $1.1 million. NSF grants support research, innovation, and discovery that drive economic growth throughout the United States. This round of funding will support studies in deep learning, algebraic geometry, nonlinear dispersive equations, and behavioral science. 

The following projects will receive NSF funding:

  • CAREER: New Frontiers in Bayesian Deep Learning ($485,189)
  • Wave Turbulence and Stability of Solitary Waves ($319,377)
  • Birational Geometry: Invariants, Reconstruction, and Deformation Problems ($280,000)
  • Doctoral Dissertation Research in Economics: Regret in Games: When It Is Not (Only) Your Fault ($14,540)

"I am incredibly proud to join New York University in announcing a new set of grants to support the critical research happening at NYU," said Congressman Nadler. "This round of grants demonstrates why NYU is a worldwide leader in research and will help ensure it remains so. I want to thank the researchers, professors, and students at NYU for their hard work, and I applaud their endless drive toward academic and scientific excellence."

Stacie Bloom, NYU's Vice Provost for Research, said, "Support from the National Science Foundation not only funds our most senior and innovative faculty--here in ways that will advance medical diagnoses, cybersecurity, cryptography--but also nurtures a pipeline of scientists by supporting them through their dissertations."

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