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Congressman Nadler Statement on Election of President-Elect Joe Biden

Washington, D.C. — Today, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) released the following statement:

“Every vote matters. Every vote is a manifestation of the constitutional rights belonging to every American, to choose their own representation in the highest office in the land. Today, as states across this country have carefully set about counting ballots during this unprecedented time of pandemic and division, it is clear that the people of our country have demanded new leadership. Today not only signifies the end to the presidency of Donald Trump, it represents a historic new chapter for our country, with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris poised to become the next President and Vice President of these United States.

“Today, Americans' faith in justice, equality, goodness and decency can be restored. Today, our faith in democracy is restored. We can look at government with hope and optimism for the future. Fear and cruelty no longer have to define how we see each other or are seen by others, and for that I am both relieved and forever grateful that the American people have spoken loud and clear for the world to hear.”

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