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Nadler: ‘Freedom Flotilla’ Defied Gaza Blockade, Deliberately Provoked Israel

Today, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) issued the following statement on the attempt by the ‘Freedom Flotilla’ to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza:

“Monday’s violence was a sad but predictable result of the deliberate provocation on the part of the ‘Freedom Flotilla’ organizers.  Knowing full well that Israel could not permit the Gaza blockade to be forcefully defied, the Flotilla purposely initiated a violent confrontation.  But Israel has the right to enforce a blockade in order to keep weapons from the Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

“The Israelis made it clear that they would allow all the supplies on the Flotilla – except any weapons or military materials – into Gaza if the Flotilla first landed in Israel and permitted Israeli inspection.  The Flotilla organizers refused, re-avowing that their real aim was to ‘break the blockade,’ not to deliver humanitarian supplies to Gaza.

“While the deaths and injuries (including Israeli Defense Force members) were a tragic result, Israel first and foremost has a responsibility to protect her citizens.  The international community is seeking to embarrass Israel and highlight the blockade for public relations purposes, but continues to ignore the root problem Israel faces – continued provocation and violence by Hamas in Gaza.

“The U.S. must stand up for the right of Israel to defend herself against terrorism – which is what Israel did when she blocked the attempt by the Flotilla to forcefully breach the blockade that is preventing weapons and military materials from reaching Hamas.”
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