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Nadler Introduces Resolution to Recognize Jewish Refugees

Washington, DC, March 28, 2004
Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) today announced that he will be joining Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) in introducing a Congressional resolution that recognizes the hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees that were expelled from their homes in Arab lands, and calls for the United States to ensure that justice for refugees from Arab countries is on the international agenda to achieve peace in the Middle East.

"When the Middle East peace process is discussed, Palestinian refugees are often addressed. However, Jewish refugees outnumbered Palestinian refugees, and their forced exile from Arab lands must not be omitted from public discussion on the peace process. It is simply not right to recognize the rights of Palestinian refugees without recognizing the rights of Jewish refugees," said Nadler.

The Congressional Resolution introduced by Nadler urges the President to instruct the United States Representative to the United Nations that, when considering resolutions that address the issue of Middle East refugees, the relevant text refers to the multiple refugee populations that resulted from the Arab-Israeli conflict, and that any reference to Palestinian refugees must be matched by a similar reference to Jewish refugees from Arab countries.

The Resolution also calls on the President to ensure that the United States Government will make the issue of refugees and the human rights violations endured by minorities in Arab countries an integral part of any lasting peace in the Middle East, through redress for the legitimate rights of all refugees displaced from Arab countries, and recognition of the fact that Jewish and Christian property, schools, and community property was lost as a result of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

"Lasting peace in the Middle East will not be achieved until we address the legitimate rights of those who were forced to leave their homes in Arab nations," said Nadler. "This resolution seeks to remedy the terrible injustices that occurred against the Jewish refugees. Seeking justice for those who suffered is a critical component of enduring peace."

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