E-Newsletter: Putting the House Majority on the Record

Mar 9, 2017

Each day, more questions arise concerning the President’s foreign business entanglements and connections to Russia. My Democratic colleagues and I have issued repeated requests for hearings and investigations, yet our calls have been met with deafening silence. The House Majority has continued to ignore what I feel are the President’s potential conflicts of interest and so we had to take action. 

On February 28, the House Judiciary Committee considered my Resolution of Inquiry (H. Res. 111) that directed the DOJ to provide the House of Representatives with any and all information relevant to an inquiry into President Trump and his associates’ conflicts of interest, ethical violations—including the Emoluments Clause—and connections and contacts with Russia. Unfortunately, it was defeated in a party line vote (18 – 16). Click here to watch the video.

Not a single Republican on the committee voted in favor of our simple request for information to the DOJ on these matters, nor did they support two amendments to my resolution; the first of which would have included any communications between the White House and the FBI, and the second requested legal opinions from the DOJ on when the Attorney General should recuse himself from ongoing investigations. With the continuing revelations of undisclosed contacts with the Russian government, the need for an investigation is more apparent than ever. 

My resolution was the first time Members of Congress had to vote on legislation concerning an investigation into the President, and it won’t be the last. I have been in discussions with my Democratic colleagues to introduce similar resolutions on other House committees so we can continue to get Members on the record. We want the American people to know where their representatives stand; in favor of an objective, bi-partisan investigation or continuing to cover up what I feel are the President’s dangerous and potentially illegal conflicts of interest. Please be assured, I will continue to keep the pressure on them to conduct a thorough and objective investigation of these serious issues.

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