Statement of Rep. Jerrold Nadler on Mayor Bloomberg and Senator Clinton Announcement of NYC "Indoor Air Task Force"

Mar 7, 2002 Issues: 9/11 Attacks

NEW YORK -- Today, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton announced the formation of a task force to examine the quality of indoor air quality in Lower Manhattan as a result of the collapse of the World Trade Center.  Rep. Jerrold Nadler, who represents that area in Congress, released this statement:

"I am pleased that Mayor Bloomberg and Senator Clinton have taken the initiative in forming this task force on indoor air.  It will be productive as a clearing house of information, and I know it will serve the people of Lower Manhattan well by making information readily available to them, and taking their concerns into account.

However, it has been six months since the towers fell, and the interiors of apartments and residences in the area have yet to be sensitively tested for and thoroughly cleaned of hazardous waste  -- despite my repeated calls to do so.  Today, I released the first White Paper on this matter, and I believe it shows, without a doubt, that not only does the Environmental Protection Agency have the ability and authority to test and clean the interiors of apartments and offices, but it is mandated to do so by Federal law.  Thus, not only has the lack of action by the EPA been disgraceful, but also illegal.

The EPA must live up to the law and take whatever measures necessary to do immediate testing and cleanup of interiors downtown.  This should not be the City's responsibility, nor should residents be left up to their own devices.  I applaud the announcement by Mayor Bloomberg and Senator Clinton today as an important step.  But until the EPA acts, nothing has been solved."