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Aug 6, 2018

E-Newsletter: Expanding Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence

Issues: Government Oversight, Immigration, Judiciary Committee, Russia Investigation, Women, New York and Our Neighborhoods
Jul 23, 2018

E-Newsletter: Judiciary Committee Failure to Conduct Oversight is Catastrophe in the Making

Issues: Judiciary Committee, Russia Investigation, New York and Our Neighborhoods
Jul 11, 2018

E-Newsletter: Keeping Families Together and Protecting Asylum Seekers

Issues: Immigration, Judiciary Committee, Civil Rights
Jun 20, 2018

E-Newsletter: Family Separation Policy Runs Counter to American Values

Issues: Immigration, Women, LGBT Rights, New York and Our Neighborhoods, Intellectual Property/Technology
Mar 15, 2018

E-Newsletter: We Must Act Now to Reduce Gun Violence

Issues: Government Oversight, Gun Control, New York and Our Neighborhoods
Feb 28, 2018

E-Newsletter: Budget Proposal Hurts New Yorkers and Middle Class

Issues: Budget, Government Oversight, Immigration, Trump
Nov 20, 2017

E-newsletter: Getting to the Truth

Issues: Civil Rights, Jobs, Labor and the Economy
Sep 11, 2017

E-newsletter: Remembering 9/11

Issues: 9/11 Attacks