E-Newsletter: Speaking Out Against President-elect Trump's Extremist Nominees

Jan 13, 2017 Issues: Civil Liberties, Civil Rights

Speaking Out Against President-elect Trump's Extremist Nominees

Last night, I spoke on the House floor during a Congressional Progressive Caucus Special Order Hour to address the extremist nominees being put forward by President-elect Donald Trump. As I said in my statement, this new Administration represents a philosophy that seeks to corrupt if not fully destroy our institutions, traditions, and values.

Having served in Congress for nearly 25 years, I have seen this body take on the big questions of our time – the role of government in the lives of every day Americans, the threat of terrorism in the city I call home and around the country, the right of every American to marry who they love, to vote free of intimidation, to make their own health care choices. That is why I refuse to give up, and I will do everything in my power to represent the strong progressive values of the men and women who sent me here. Click Here to view the full video of my speech.

A Reform Agenda to Fight Back

Yesterday, I joined the Democracy Reform Task Force, a group initiated by Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Chaired by Congressman John Sarbanes. The focus of the new Task Force is to confront the Trump Administration’s conflicts of interest and ethical violations, expose the Republican special-interest agenda, and promote the House Democrats’ Securing Our Democracy reform agenda.

Donald Trump’s continued failure to fully clear his business conflicts or fully disclose his assets is a dangerous signal that this Administration will have little regard for the law. We face a situation where, without Mr. Trump addressing his conflicts or taking the necessary steps to provide transparency and separate himself from any ethical misconduct, we cannot be certain that American interests are safe from subjugation or subversion. I am proud to be joining the Democracy Reform Task Force, which will hold President Trump and the Republicans accountable for their conduct, and raise these important issues on behalf of the American people.