E-Newsletter: Demanding Answers On Russian Ties to President-Elect Trump

Jan 12, 2017 Issues: Civil Rights, Foreign Affairs/Israel

 Demanding Answers On Russian Ties to President-Elect Trump

I am deeply troubled by recent reports detailing intelligence and national security memos concerning various ties between Russia and the Trump campaign.  Of further concern is the fact that back in September, I questioned FBI Director James Comey directly in House Judiciary Committee oversight hearings about disturbing connections between President-elect Trump’s organization, Russia, and the illegal hacking of the Democratic National Committee.  Director Comey failed to address my questions at the time, and subsequent news reports only increase the demand for immediate answers.

It is imperative that we fully investigate this matter.  The American people deserve answers.  We face a situation where—without Mr. Trump addressing his potential conflicts, or taking the necessary steps to provide transparency and separate himself from ethical misconduct—we cannot be certain that American interests are safe from subjugation or subversion. I will pressure the Justice Department to maintain its independence from the President and enforce the law, as well as make sure the House Judiciary Committee fulfills its duty of providing strict oversight so that any misconduct or illicit behavior is uncovered.

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